About rhyii


Rhyii (pronounced raɪ like rye) is dedicated to making hand-made, certified organic, vegan hair and beauty products specifically for women of color that struggle with dry and damaged hair and skin. Each product is a high-quality and chemical-free alternative to your usual hair and beauty product. All products are made with certified organic, vegan ingredients and preserved with natural herbs and essential oils, so everything is 100% chemical-free!

Rhyii was created by Richele Harrison on December 31, 2014, by making hair gel out of flax seeds and water in her apartment kitchen. Richele has always had severe food, drug, and seasonal allergies; chronic dry skin; and eczema, and it was always hard to find products to provide maintenance and beauty to her hair and skin. She found that it is possible to make quality hair and beauty products from natural ingredients and no chemicals and that they can be preserved for an extended period of time using herbs and essential oils.


"Our mission is to promote beauty, health and wellness by creating quality hair, body and skin care products that are made with natural, certified organic, chemical-free, vegan ingredients."


All products are specially formulated to fit each individuals hair type from relaxed to kinky and everything in between. Our goal is to continue making chemical-free and organic products for hair, skin and body. Rhyii products promote healthy, beautiful hair and can even reduce symptoms from eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, itchy scalp, hair loss and dandruff, and also promote hair growth!  We look forward to offering more cosmetics for you in the future! Order your custom, hand-made and chemical-free hair products today!