H2O Glow


Water is everything. It's necessary for us to even be alive. Water is the only thing that hydrates your skin and hair. Oils and different products only seal that moisture in or feed your cells. Water is the source of life, so does the quality of water matter? Uh, best believe it does! 


I am originally from Florida so my skin and hair are used to constant moisture in the air to restore my body and keep everything nice, healthy and smooth. The water quality is also awesome in the cities I have lived in. So when I moved to Dallas, I was sad to find out that the water quality is too hard on my skin and hair. It was a night and day difference, I noticed immediately. My hair was dry, brittle and dull, and I could not figure out why there was a sudden change. I'm also allergic to the entire atmosphere in Dallas so my skin was irritated, and the water just made it unbearably dry. A few months later, I visit my aunt in San Antonio. Her house has a water softener so I washed my hair and showered there and had an epiphany: Texas water sucks. So I ordered an Aquasana shower filter  and it's way better. Not like Florida, but better. It filters out most of the chlorine and whatever is in Texas water, but it does not soften it. I still like it anyway, plus it was buy one get one FREE soooooo...🤑 Here is the link for the one I have: 




So, if you are having any type of health/beauty problem (skin, hair, whatever),  check your water first. Is your water filtered properly? Is it hard or soft water? AM I DRINKING WATER AT ALL!? Please drink water, it's good for you, boo! And of course, live healthy.🖤 



Curls & Love, 

Richele 💎